The Russian company Addreality has created an artificial intelligence device for automatically checking QR codes in retail chains, restaurants and public places.

According to the developers, the new device is proposed to be placed at the entrance to the premises, where it will produce impersonal recognition of visitors.

In addition to the camera, a QR-code reader was placed on the device, as well as the ability to recognize data from a passport: the solution was integrated with the “State Services” service, so someone else’s QR code cannot be shown.

The company notes that there is no need to worry about personal data – the development does not transfer for processing to third-party services or third parties. Also, the software product does not save data, since all processing is carried out in the local RAM of the device.

Smart screens are able to recognize the impersonal gender and age characteristics of the consumer. The new functionality for checking QR codes will reduce the danger to the staff of our clients and visitors to public places, as well as increase the efficiency of the verification process. This is true during times of restrictions.

Sergey Galeev, CEO and co-founder of Addreality
According to company representatives, devices with this functionality may soon appear in establishments in Moscow, Stavropol and St. Petersburg, as well as in airports and retail chains.