In Maine, USA, a fisherman recently caught an incredibly rare lobster. Its peculiarity is in a strange color.

In a Facebook post, seafood company Get Maine Lobster reported that Bill Coppersmith found the rare lobster during a recent fishing trip. It has a very rare purple-blue coloration. Because of this, in the West, it is called cotton candy lobster – “cotton candy lobster.”

Michael Tlusty, assistant professor of sustainable development and food at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, said the odds of catching this color of lobster are 1 in 100 million.

The rare lobster was named Haddy, after the granddaughter of the fisherman who discovered the rare animal.

“Haddy now lives in our aquarium on the dock. We want to make sure that the rest of her life is safe and comfortable, as rarely dyed lobsters are more difficult to survive in the wild, ”a Get Maine Lobster spokesman told The Guardian.

The color of a lobster is influenced by the pigment and antioxidant astaxanthin, and the form of this compound changes when other proteins bind to it. During cooking, the chemical bonds holding the proteins with the pigment are broken, releasing astaxanthin from the lobster shell and skin, making the animal look bright red.