PlayStation 5 sales declined due to a shortage of components.

PlayStation 5 consoles are sold worse than Sony consoles of the past generation. This is reported by the publication Venture Beat.

Sony’s report shows that during the third fiscal quarter, the Japanese corporation put 3.9 million consoles on the market. Analysts noted that sales of new consoles declined: for example, PlayStation 4 consoles sold 4.5 million units over the same period.

The company called the main reason for the decline in sales the shortage of components necessary for the production of the gadget. “It is expected that sales will be lower than the October forecast due to the expected decline in the supply of PlayStation 5 parts primarily due to a shortage of components, especially semiconductors,” Sony representatives noted.

Journalists noted that the PlayStation 5 is ahead of the PlayStation 4 console in popularity, if we compare the life cycle periods of both consoles. However, it is precisely because of the shortage of components that Sony is unable to produce and sell the required number of consoles.