The richest family in the world is named

The list of the richest families in the world, according to Bloomberg, in 2021 was headed by the Walton family. The fortune of the owners of the world’s largest wholesale and retail chain Walmart is estimated at $ 238.2 billion.

The family owns more than 10 thousand stores around the world. Her company’s revenue is $ 559 billion. The success of Walmart has made the Arkansas family richer than Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

In second place is the Mars family, which owns the Mars confectionery factory. The family’s fortune is estimated at $ 141.9 billion.

The Koch family, which owns the American petrochemical company Koch Industries, took third place with a fortune of $ 124.4 billion.

The French Hermes family, which owns the Hermes fashion house, is in fourth place with $ 111.6 billion.

The fifth is the Saudi royal family Al Saud with $ 100 billion.

Also in the top ten were the Indian Ambani family, which owns the petrochemical concern Reliance Industries; the owners of the Chanel fashion house, the Wertheimer family; the owners of the Fidelity Investments financial corporation, the Johnson family; the owners of Thomson Reuters, the Thomson family and the owners of the German pharmaceutical Boehringer Ingelheim, the Boehringer family.

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