Scientists from Italy introduced a robot that can balance on a pole with a width of 6 centimeters. The device does not fall, even if you push it.

Researchers have shown how a four-legged robot can balance on four legs. The new controller allowed a 90 kg device to cross a pole just six centimeters wide. In a video, researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) demonstrate how a robot equipped with a controller keeps balance even when pushed. The IIT team described their findings in detail in an article available on the arXiv website.

Researchers noted that experiments with four-legged robots are very diverse – they can be used to pull heavy objects or climb over obstacles. However, engineers are faced with problems – in most cases, they need a sufficiently large surface for walking. A team of researchers from Italy tried to change this. They created a robotic controller that allows the robot to walk on a thin beam.

Researchers added that they first used the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics. However, after that they began to develop their robotic controllers – in the future they will allow the creation of new devices.

Previously, Boston Dynamics put up for sale the four-legged Spot robot. After several years of development, the company began to lease it to enterprises. Now any American company can buy a robot for 74 thousand dollars.