At the same time, the lead singer of the band, Mick Jagger, admitted that the song would return to the repertoire over time.

The Rolling Stones excluded their popular song Brown Sugar from the repertoire of their U.S. tour, at least for a while, in the wake of criticism of the lyrics containing references to slavery.

“We’ve been playing Brown Sugar every night since 1970, so sometimes we think: what if we put it away for a while and see what happens?”- said the band’s front man Mick Jagger in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Perhaps we will return it,” he admitted.

The 1971 song, which was at the top of the charts, mentions beating slaves and having sex with young slaves.

In recent years, magazine critics and other music industry representatives have criticized the song as “racist.”

In 1995, Jagger told Rolling Stone magazine: “I would never write this song now. I would probably become my censor.”

The band resumed their U.S. tour in September after a long hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Rolling Stones will play some concerts this month and next, including in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Detroit.