He borrowed an impressive amount from Charles for a comfortable life in the United States until the end of the summer of 2021.

Recently it became known that 36-year-old Prince Harry will receive a fee of $ 20 million for his future autobiography. However, he is unlikely to be able to keep the entire amount for himself.

The fact is that the money for moving from gloomy Great Britain to sunny California was given to him and his family by 72-year-old Prince Charles – the father of Harry and William.

Those close to the royal family hint that it is time for the prodigal son to pay an impressive amount of debt to his dad. We are talking about the several million pounds that Harry has borrowed from his father until the end of this summer.

But it seems that the son is in no hurry to close his debts to his parents ahead of schedule. It is noteworthy that Harry, by the way, moved to the United States just to gain financial independence and independence.

In 2020, he talked about the fact that no one else sponsors him from the Palace. Although there is only a grain of truth in this, experts say, his family has no obvious problems with money today.

“Harry has a really impressive life experience. He was both a soldier and a respected member of the royal family. However, he must also prove himself a real man, having paid off his debts,” an insider close to the Palace told The Daily Express.