It became known that the royal family has prepared a special plan to influence Harry and Meghan.

The media write that the expected deprivation of titles and regalia left by the couple will look petty against the background of retaliatory measures. Experts say that it is unlikely that Queen Elizabeth II will be interested in this.

The behavior of spouses Harry and Meghan have become a source of concern for the royal family. Often in the media, you can hear statements that for this a couple can be deprived of their remaining titles.

But Buckingham Palace does not think so, say analysts who follow the lives of monarchs.

The British media refer to an expert on the royal family, Ingrid Seward, who doubts that Elizabeth II will agree to deprive her grandson and his wife of titles.

Such a decision is unlikely to be made, even despite the statement about Prince Harry’s memoirs.

Seward is sure that this measure will be “petty,” compared to what is planned in the family.

It is believed that if Meghan and Harry are excluded from the number of guests invited to the celebrations on the occasion of the anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the effect will be really great.

So far, this option has been announced only by the British press.

Celebrations on this occasion should take place next year.