A few days ago, it became known that 36-year-old Prince Harry signed a contract with Penguin Random House to publish four books about his life in the royal family. The first part of the memoirs should be published next year.

And while the Duke of Sussex painstakingly works on his creation, the royal family seriously fears that his book could cause serious damage to the British monarchy. Rumor has it that Buckingham Palace staff experienced “anger and frustration” after seeing Queen Elizabeth II worried about the release of her grandson’s memoir. Rumor has it that this news greatly upset the ruler of Great Britain, because it came just a few months after the death of her husband, Prince Philip.

The royal family has real fears that the publication of the books could destabilize the monarchy and undermine the reputation of Prince Charles during the transition period as he slowly prepares to inherit the throne.

shared the anonymous author with the Daily Mail.

According to rumors, representatives of the palace decided not to comment publicly on the release of upcoming books, because they are afraid to fan the flames against the background of Prince Harry’s already complicated relationship with his family. They also doubt that the Duke of Sussex will give the royal family the text of the memoirs before publication, or tell them about the contents of the books.

The exact content of the upcoming four books is still unknown. Prince Harry himself promised to tell them about his experiences, adventures, losses and life lessons that helped him to form as a person. According to the public, Prince Harry will definitely include in the books chapters about the tragic death of his mother, Princess Diana, his and Meghan’s renunciation of royal duties, moving to the United States, as well as the related conflict with the royal family. The Daily Mail article notes that the second book of Prince Harry will be released only after the death of the Queen of Great Britain.