The conflict between Kanye and Kim continues. The rapper posted his personal correspondence with his ex-wife on his Instagram. The case began with Kanye West being unhappy that Kim was posting a video with their daughter in TikTok without his consent.

Kim did not leave such statements unanswered. “Kanye’s constant attacks on me in interviews and on social media cause more harm than any video of North in Tiktok. As a parent who is the main breadwinner and guardian of our children, I do everything possible to protect our daughter, and also allow her to express her creative abilities in the environment in which she wants, under the supervision of adults, because it brings her happiness,” Kardashian wrote.

Kanye then says: Kim accused him of allegedly wanting to raise his hand against her. Moreover, it is stated that the rapper at a party in honor of his daughter’s birthday was under the influence of narcotic substances, after which he calmly went to play with his children. Of course, it always makes sense to doubt the authenticity of Kanye’s stories, we think there will be many more public trials of former spouses, but for now Kim herself has not given her comment.

“I gave this family a culture. If they continue to play these games with me, I will take this culture back,” Kanye concluded.