The Screen Actors Guild of the United States (SAG-AFTRA) can “punish” Donald Trump, despite his withdrawal from the organization. TMZ reports this with reference to the president of the association, actress Gabrielle Carteris.

According to her, the former American leader “escaped” the day before the disciplinary hearing on the possible violation of the guild constitution. Carteris believes that Trump wanted to avoid the procedure and played ahead of the curve. As a result, the leadership of SAG-AFTRA decided to introduce additional measures that will not allow the former US president ever to become a member of the organization again.

Earlier, the guild council filed charges against Trump, including those related to his role in the storming of the Capitol, as well as supporting a disinformation campaign, “which is aimed at discrediting and ultimately poses a threat to the safety of journalists.”

Trump, in turn, sent a letter to Gabrielle Carteris on February 4. In it, he announced his resignation from the organization and added that he does not care about the conclusions that may be taken at a disciplinary hearing.

SAG-AFTRA is a trade union association that represents about 160,000 actors, journalists, and radio hosts. Trump has been a member since 1989.