Thomas Modly left of his own accord, and James McPherson will take over his duties.

Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly resigned. This was the culmination of a dramatic story with the dismissal of the commander of the aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt,” who was removed from office by the Minister after sending a letter in which Brett Crozier asked the Navy command to take increased measures to contain the outbreak of coronavirus on the ship he led.

Modly’s resignation was announced by US Defense Secretary Mark Esper. He said Modly resigned of his own accord “in the interests of the Navy and sailors.” The aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt is in port on the island of Guam, and 79 percent of the crew has already passed tests for coronavirus. 230 sailors tested positive.

Esper informed President Donald Trump of his conversation with Modley and, with the President’s approval, appointed James McPherson as acting Secretary of the Navy. McPherson, a Navy veteran, currently serves as Deputy Secretary of the US Army. The Senate confirmed him in this position last month.

Esper called McPherson “a smart, capable and professional leader who will restore trust and stability in the Navy during these difficult times.”

Esper said he also met with Navy leaders and stressed three priorities, including ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of the Theodore Roosevelt’s crew first, and working to get the ship back to sea as soon as possible.