Russia will strictly stop provocations like the situation with the British destroyer Defender in the Black Sea, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council Mikhail Popov said in an interview.

The nationality of the violator, according to him, will not be taken into account.

“We invite our opponents to think hard about whether it is worth organizing such provocations, taking into account the capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces,” Popov added.

London’s statements on the situation with the destroyer, as the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council stressed, imply that provocative actions of British ships in Russian waters are not excluded in the future.

Popov also noted that the British sailors deliberately went to the provocation, but Russia stopped it legitimately.

The British destroyer Defender at the end of June crossed the border of Russia in the area of Cape Fiolent in the Crimea. After repeated warnings, the Russian border ship fired a warning shot, and the Su-24M aircraft carried out a warning bombing along the ship’s course.