The position of the American ambassador to this country remained vacant for three years.

The Senate Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously approved Bridget Brink’s candidacy for the post of ambassador to Ukraine and plans to seek her early approval by the full Senate.

It is expected that Brink will easily receive approval for this position, which has remained vacant for three years.

The committee held a confirmation hearing for Brink on May 10, just two weeks after President Joe Biden nominated her. The quick decision reflected the desire of both Democrats and Republicans to send an ambassador to Ukraine, which is resisting the Russian invasion.

It is expected that at the end of this week the Senate will approve the allocation of almost $ 40 billion to Kyiv for military and humanitarian support.

Brink is a native of Michigan.

She speaks Russian fluently.

Her previous position was Ambassador to Slovakia. Bridget Brink has been a career diplomat for 25 years. Previously, she worked in Uzbekistan and Georgia, as well as in several senior positions in the Department of State and the National Security Council.