According to the newspaper NY Post, the leader of the democratic minority of the Senate Chuck Schumer considers absurd the preservation of the company’s membership in the Federal Committee during the investigation against it.

The leader of the democratic minority of the Senate of the US Congress Chuck Schumer demanded from the Federal aviation administration (FAA) to suspend the participation of Boeing Corporation in the activities of the Committee dealing with regulation in the aviation sector. It is reported by the newspaper The New York Post.

“It is absurd when Boeing or any other company in its place is currently under investigation for security issues, and at the same time, the company retains membership in the Federal Committee, which makes recommendations on the regulation of norms in the aviation sector”, he said. “For this reason, I demand that the FAA suspend Boeing’s participation in the activities of this or any other committees until the official investigation is completed”, the Senator added.

Earlier, the FAA suspended flights Boeing 737 MAX in the United States in connection with the March 10 plane crash in Ethiopia, which killed 157 people.