The TV series “Ted Lasso,” “Loki” and WandaVision also competed for the award.

The musical accompaniment to the South Korean TV series “The Squid Game” (2021) won the nomination “Best Soundtrack to a TV show or mini-series” of the American Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA). The award was broadcast on the award’s website.

The comedy “Ted Lasso” (Ted Lasso, 2020 – present), as well as created based on the Marvel cinematic universe (“Marvel”), “Loki” (2021), and WandaVision (2021) also competed for the award with the Netflix streaming service.

In his speech, composer Jung Jae-il thanked all his colleagues and those who inspired and helped him in working on the soundtrack, in particular, a musical group from Budapest led by Norbert Elec, who performed classical and jazz parts. “I hope to see you again, but with the best musical parts,” Jung Jae-il said goodbye to the organizers.

German composer Hans Zimmer took two awards in the main categories at once – he was awarded the award in the nomination “Best Soundtrack to a film” for his work on the musical accompaniment of the film about the British special services agent James Bond “No Time to Die” (2021), and also became the best in the category “Best Soundtrack to a film in the genre of fiction” for the music to the film directed by Denis Villeneuve “Dune: Part One”(2021).

Due to restrictions in the light of the coronavirus pandemic, the 12th prize was held in a virtual format for the second time in a row. Previously, the award ceremony was traditionally held at the Avalon nightclub in Hollywood.