The Mount Whitney ship returned to the Italian port of Gaeta.

The command of the Sixth Fleet of the U.S. Navy announced on Thursday the completion of naval operations conducted jointly with NATO forces in the waters of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, and the return of the American flagship Mount Whitney, which participated in them, to the Italian port of Gaeta, from where it left on October 29.

“These routine operations and exercises conducted in international waters underscore the commitment of NATO allies and [their] partners to maintaining peace and stability in the region,” the navy said in a statement.

It follows from it that during the maneuvers, Mount Whitney, which was in the Black Sea from November 4 to 15, made calls at the ports of Turkey, Georgia, and Romania and made a joint voyage with ships and watercraft of Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, and Georgia.

The commander of the Sixth Fleet of the U.S. Navy, Vice Admiral Gene Black, supervised the working out of the interaction of NATO forces and their allies in the Black Sea. He highly appreciated the actions of his subordinates and units of the Strike and Support forces of the United NATO Navy (STRIKFORNATO), calling the joint work they have done “exceptional”. Upon completion of his mission in the Black Sea waters, Mount Whitney took part in joint maneuvers with Greek ships.