American scientists have introduced a smart gadget that can amplify a Wi-Fi signal several times. This was reported by with reference to the work of scientists from the University of California.

The device allowed in laboratory conditions not only to increase the Wi-Fi speed by several times but also to increase the distance of its operation from 30 m to 45 m. At the same time, the cost of such a device is only $5.

The smart device is a 10 by 30 cm printed circuit board containing 48 small antennas. These antennas combine and reflect incoming WiFi signals from a router or access point, creating a completely new way for signals to travel. This new path, or data stream, is as strong as the original path from the router or access point.

“A key feature of this technology is that it creates a second stream of data that arrives on your phone or other device connected to WiFi. Thus, you can not only get a connection in areas where it does not exist but also double the data transfer rate in areas where you already have a connection”.

Scientists from the University of California.

Each antenna is programmed to adjust the phase of the incoming signal or radio wave that it receives. So all waves reflected from the surface have the same phase at the receiver. These waves then merge into one amplified radio wave.

It is still unknown whether scientists are going to launch mass production of this device to enhance Wi-Fi.