The silicon shortage continues to negatively impact the smartphone market. In the third quarter of 2021, it [the market] sank 6%, according to analytical agency Canalys.

Samsung retained its 23% and remained in first place. The gap between the leader and the main pursuer has narrowed slightly, because Apple was able to increase its smartphone shipments and increased its share from 12% to 15%.

The top three also includes Xiaomi. She still controls 14% of the market. OPPO and Vivo continue to walk in pairs. In the base period, their share was 9% each, and in the reporting period – 10% each.

As noted, the market slipped by 6% on an annualized basis due to a lack of components. By the end of the year, the deficit dictates its conditions even more persistently, although in the spring the experts were optimistic. In total, 327 million smartphones appeared on the market in the third quarter. A year earlier – 348 million units.

So far, there are no prerequisites for the fact that manufacturers will be able to replenish their stocks by the end of the year. Therefore, you should not count on big discounts during the holiday season.