The sample taken was identified as a tubular adenoma, said Kevin O’Connor, the attending physician of the U.S. president.

Histological examination confirmed that the polyp, which was removed from U.S. President Joe Biden, last week, was benign. This is stated in a statement published by the White House on Wednesday by the attending physician of the American leader Kevin O’Connor.

As he reported on November 19, specialists during the colonoscopy procedure performed by Biden found a “3-millimeter polyp” in one of the intestinal departments. O’Connor then noted that a histological examination would be conducted, but stressed that “the president has never had bowel cancer.”

“The sample taken was identified as a tubular adenoma,” O’Connor said Wednesday. – This is the same polyp as the one that was removed in 2008. A tubular adenoma is benign, slow-growing, but is considered a potentially precancerous change; there is currently no need for any action in this regard.” The doctor noted that in this case it is recommended to carry out “routine observations.”

The American leader last week underwent a regular medical examination at the Walter Reed U.S. Navy Hospital in the Washington suburb of Bethesda (Maryland). Following the procedure, O’Connor said that Biden is healthy, active, and able to continue successfully fulfilling the duties of the head of state.