The suitcase carries the owner’s luggage and monitors it so as not to get lost in the crowd

Piaggio Fast Forward, a subsidiary of the renowned Italian car company Piaggio, has released a new robot. This is a compact version of the Gita cargo bot named Gitamini. The new development is reported by The Verge.

An Italian car company known for producing Vespa has unveiled the Gitamini robotic suitcase. A relatively compact device eliminates the need for a tourist to carry or carry heavy luggage on their own.

Gitamini’s form and function remains the same as the full-size Gita. Translated from Italian, Gita is translated as “little trip” or “walk”. The robot consists of two large wheels, a central barrel, and a machine vision system that it uses to identify and track its owner.

Gitamini weighs about 13 kg and can carry up to 9 kg of luggage in the cabin over a distance of almost 34 km. At the same time, the previous, full-size version of the Gita robot, which, with a carrying capacity of 18 kg, covered about 19 km on one charged battery.

To navigate in space, Gitamini uses a variety of cameras and sensors, including for navigation and tracking the user’s position in space. To activate this follow mode, you need to stand in front of Gitamini and press a special button. Using computer vision, the robot is fixed on the user so as not to lose him in the crowd. After that, he is ready to follow a person at a speed of up to 9.6 km / h.

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