The suspect in the shooting near the Pentagon found a criminal past

The suspect in the shooting at the Pentagon had a criminal past – a few months ago, he was accused of beating a police officer under aggravating circumstances and threats related to terrorism, the Associated Press reports.

The shooting occurred on Tuesday at a bus stop in the Pentagon complex. The building was closed, people were not allowed out of it for some time. As a result of the shooting, a police officer died. Local media reported about three victims.

According to the agency, the suspect is 27-year-old Austin William Lanz. The day before, he attacked a police officer, running up to him and stabbing him in the neck. Responding to the incident, the police shot at Lanz, after which he died on the spot.

The suspect’s motive is still unknown. Investigators are trying to establish whether he suffered from mental disorders or other reasons for the attack.

According to the agency, in October 2012, Lanz was enlisted in the US Marine Corps, but a month later, he was “suspended administratively.”

According to court records, Lanz was arrested in Georgia in April on charges of trespassing and robbery. On the same day, a criminal case was opened against him on six more counts, including the aggravated beating of a police officer, a threat related to terrorism, and participation in riots in a correctional institution.

In May, the judge decided to release him on bail of 30 thousand dollars with the condition of passing a psychological examination and a ban on taking drugs. At the same time, according to the agency, the charges against him are still under consideration. On Tuesday, a representative of the security of the US military department said that the FBI is investigating the incident at the Pentagon.

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