Journalists of the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter published a story on Russia’s resurgent military power, which, in their opinion, is allegedly a threat to European countries.

The authors of the article noted that after the USSR collapse, the Russian army’s state was worse than at present. However, the fighting in Syria has shown “the frightening consequences of a powerful build-up of weapons,” the publication claims.

“Now Russia has very mobile military resources, advanced fighter jets, and precision-guided missiles capable of hitting the heart of Western Europe,”  Free News quotes an excerpt from the material.

The journalists also expressed the opinion that European countries cannot do without the United States’ help and urged to hope that Biden “will cancel Trump’s stupid decision to withdraw American troops from Germany.”

Accusations against the Russian Federation of “aggression” by NATO countries appear periodically. In particular, Western politicians and journalists claim that Moscow wants to take over the Baltic States. At the same time, it is NATO expanding to the Russian borders and conducting exercises in regions that fall within its sphere of interests.