Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem expressed confidence that the Kurds will return to the side of the Syrian authorities and rebel against the foreign forces present in the North-East of Syria.

“I am confident that in the next stage, our Kurdish brothers will return to Damascus… resistance to occupation is allowed at the international level, and our citizens in Zaevfratje need to stand up, and then they will see the Syrian army on their side, not Vice versa,” – said Muallem, answering a question of news Agency Sputnik on the planned return of control over the territories where there are Kurdish groups that cooperate with the US.

The Arab-Kurdish Syrian democratic forces, supported by the United States, control some territories in the provinces of Aleppo, al-Hasakah, Raqqa, and Deir Ez-Zor. In the areas controlled by the Kurds, the government is independent of Damascus. Damascus has repeatedly suggested that the Kurds sit down at the negotiating table and adhere to the idea of national unity and territorial integrity of Syria. The Kurds, in turn, are currently resisting establishing relations with the legitimate Syrian authorities, counting on Washington’s support.

Former security adviser to the US President John Bolton writes in a book that President Donald Trump did not consider the Syrian Kurds reliable allies and was confident that they could only fight with American support.

Trump himself, in turn, has repeatedly publicly positively spoken about the Kurds. And the stay of US military personnel in Northern Syria was explained by the need to control oil fields, the proceeds of which allegedly go to the Kurds to fight the terrorists of ISIS.