Representatives of the government formed by the Taliban movement agreed with the American delegation at the talks in Qatar on the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghans and assistance to charitable organizations, the movement said in a statement received by Free News following two days of negotiations.

The visit to Qatar was the first foreign trip of members of the Taliban government.

“The two-day dialogue between the delegations of the United States and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was successful. During the meeting, political issues were discussed in detail, and the Islamic Emirate considers the full implementation of the Doha Agreement the best way to solve problems. The U.S. representatives stated that they would provide humanitarian assistance to the Afghans and provide facilities for delivering aid to other humanitarian organizations,” the statement said.

At the same time, the Afghan delegation noted that “humanitarian aid should not be linked to political issues.” She welcomed the provision of humanitarian aid and said that she would cooperate with charitable organizations for the transparent delivery of humanitarian assistance to those who deserve it and would facilitate the movement of foreign citizens.

In addition, the delegations of the United States and the new Government of Afghanistan agreed to make efforts to improve diplomatic relations and decided that such meetings, if necessary, would be held in the future.