Members of the Taliban movement opened fire to disperse the crowd that continues to arrive at the Kabul airport. They do not aim at people, CNN reported.

“There are Taliban everywhere… we saw and heard them, we also heard shooting to disperse people… They don’t aim at people; they don’t try to kill them. But, of course, when you shoot anywhere, and there are a lot of civilians and cars on the road, there are victims,” the channel’s correspondent said on the air.

There are still a lot of people at the airport hoping to get inside. There is an evacuation of foreign employees and part of the Afghans who assisted the United States and its allies through it.

Against the background of the withdrawal of American troops from the republic, the Taliban launched an offensive and captured all major cities. Former President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country.

The official representative of the political office of the “Taliban,” Mohammed Naim, declared that the war was over. A new form of government will be clarified soon. The militants do not agree to a transitional government.

A general amnesty has been declared, but many Afghans are still trying to escape from the new regime. In the first days after the arrival of the Taliban, chaos reigned at the Kabul airport: people stormed foreign planes that were taking diplomatic staff out of the country. Later it became known that several people were killed after falling off the plane that took off.