U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West will arrive in the capital of Qatar next week.

The radical Taliban movement that has seized power in Afghanistan confirms plans to resume negotiations with the United States in Qatar in the near future. This was announced by the second Deputy Minister of Information and Culture in the interim Afghan cabinet, Bilal Karimi.

“Yes, we are indeed planning negotiations with the American side in Qatar in the near future, but the exact dates have not yet been determined <…> During the consultations, we plan to discuss the implementation of the parameters of the Doha Agreement [between the United States and the Taliban] <…> unfreezing the financial assets of the Afghan people (referring to the funds of the Central Bank of Afghanistan), as well as issues related to diplomatic relations between the two sides,” the source said.

Earlier, Washington was informed that the U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, will arrive in the capital of Qatar next week, where he will discuss with the Taliban leaders the fight against terrorism on Afghan territory.

In October, representatives of the Taliban held several meetings with American diplomats in Doha. As the radicals reported, during the dialogue, the parties discussed, in particular, the provision of humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people, the implementation of the Doha Agreement, as well as the need to open a new page in relations between Kabul and Washington while respecting the territorial integrity of Afghanistan and non-interference in its internal affairs.