After the creepy story of the killer doll, many will want to sleep with the lights on.

SyFy has announced the return of the legendary killer doll. In the new trailer for the upcoming Chucky series, teenager Jake (Zachary Arthur) becomes the owner of an evil doll that can talk without batteries. Brad Dourif, who has devoted a significant part of his career to this franchise, will once again give Chucky his voice.

Jake is bullied at school and is influenced by the toy. Chucky steals knives, butches frogs, and later starts killing people. In a small town, no one is immune from the threat.

Although she was not in the teaser, it is known that Jennifer Tilly will return to her role as Tiffany Valentine. The series also stars Alex Vincent, Theo Briones, Bjorgvin Arnarson, Alivia Elin Lind, Christine Elise, and others.

The director and screenwriter of the new series “Chucky” is Don Mancini. It is impossible to find a better candidate, because he wrote the script for the film “Children’s Games” and all the sequels. The creepy horror will premiere on SyFy on October 12th.