The Afghan translator, who 13 years ago came to the aid of U.S. Senator and now U.S. President Joe Biden, was able to leave his native country, where he had been hiding from the Taliban for more than a month, The Wall Street Journal newspaper writes.

In 2008, Aman Khalili was part of a group that was sent to the rescue of Biden, whose helicopter made an emergency landing in the midst of a snowstorm. Biden was then an American senator and visited Afghanistan with his colleagues.

“After several weeks in hiding, Aman Khalili reported that last week he and his family left Afghanistan,” the publication says.

According to the publication, the translator left by land to neighboring Pakistan. He was helped to leave his homeland by American veterans who conducted a covert operation together with former Afghan military and “high-ranking Pakistani allies,” writes The Wall Street Journal.

Despite his merits, Khalili was not among the thousands of Afghans who were evacuated by the U.S. military through the Kabul airport in the last days of his stay in Afghanistan. The White House drew attention to the story, where it was made clear that the merits of the translator were not forgotten, and he would definitely be taken out.