The corporation brokered the royal relationship.

Earlier, Netflix invited 40-year-old Meghan Markle and 39-year-old Kate Middleton to take part in a new joint project.

According to the studio’s plan, the upcoming film will be a documentary. His main task is to educate people about Middleton’s success in charity, and Markle will be the intermediary between her and Netflix in the United States.

According to insiders, Megan and Keith have already actively discussed working together, even though their relationship is still “strained.”

However, all this happens only in the public field. According to the US Magazine, in reality, the duchess allegedly never quarreled and secretly continued to communicate with each other.

“In fact, Kate is very pleased that Netflix is ​​interested in her activities. She is very grateful to Megan for helping to get in touch with the corporation, ”- said the source.

“Now we are independent from each other, but we try to do our best to tell about people who are doing worthy things. Kate is one of them, “- said Meghan Markle about the new job.