The TV evangelist, who had chronic diseases, contracted the coronavirus a few weeks ago.

The head of the Daystar Television Network, television preacher Marcus Lamb died from the effects of COVID-19. Earlier, Lamb himself and his platform actively opposed vaccinations, CBS reported on Wednesday.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Marcus Lamb, chairman, and founder of Daystar Television Network has passed away. The family asks to respect her right to privacy,” stated on the official page of the TV network on Twitter. Lamb was 64 years old.

As CBS explains, a few weeks ago, a TV evangelist became infected with the coronavirus. “He was diagnosed with COVID, pneumonia began. He had chronic diseases – diabetes, but he tried to monitor his health,” his wife said. Earlier, during one of the programs, she urged viewers to pray for the cleansing of her husband’s lungs from pneumonia caused by coronavirus when he was in the hospital so that they “could disconnect him from the oxygen supply device and take him home.”

Daystar Television and its website have become a platform for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and the pandemic, the TV company notes. Many hours of airtime were given to active opponents of vaccinations (not only against coronavirus) and quarantine measures, supporters of various conspiracy theories. The TV network advertised COVID-19 treatments not approved by doctors, such as ivermectin (a remedy against parasites).

NBC notes that this is not the first case in the United States when public opponents of vaccination die from coronavirus. The same thing happened with radio hosts Dick Farrel, Phil Valentine, adds NBC.