The U.S. allowed the possibility of cooperation with the Taliban

The United States allows cooperation with the Taliban to fight ISIS, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said at a briefing on Wednesday.

“This is possible,” the military said, answering a question about whether the Pentagon allows coordination with the Taliban in the future to fight ISIS.

“We don’t know what the future of the Taliban is, but from my own experience, I can say that this is a ruthless group in the past, and whether they will change remains to be seen. As for our interaction with them<…>, in the war, to reduce the risk for the military and the entire mission, you do what you should do, and not what you would like to do,” Milley said.

According to the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, the United States interacted with the Taliban “on a very narrow” range of issues during the evacuation mission. “I would say that I am very proud of what our military has done at the moment, but it is difficult to predict what will happen regarding the Taliban in the future now,” the head of the U.S. defense department said. He stressed that now it is impossible to try to “predict” the development of the situation and the possibility for U.S. interaction with the Taliban. Still, he stressed that the Pentagon would focus on the fight against IS terrorists.

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