The European Union said that representatives of the Taliban would hold talks with European and American envoys.

EU spokeswoman Nabila Massrali said officials from the United States and Europe would meet with representatives of the new Afghan authorities for talks with the assistance of Qatar in Doha on Tuesday.

She said the meeting “will allow the American and European sides to resolve issues,” including the free exit of people wishing to leave Afghanistan, access to humanitarian aid, respect for women’s rights, and preventing Afghanistan from becoming a haven for terrorist groups.

“This is an informal exchange at the technical level. It does not mean recognition of the “provisional government,” she said.

The Taliban is in dire need of allies, as the Afghan economy is in a difficult state due to the cessation of international aid, rising food prices, and a sharp rise in unemployment.

The regime, which has not yet been recognized as a legitimate government by any other country, is also facing a threat from the Islamic State-Khorasan, which has launched a series of attacks.

The meeting with the EU was announced earlier by acting Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi a few days after he held the first face-to-face talks with United States officials after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“We want positive relations with the whole world. We believe in balanced international relations. We believe that such balanced relations can save Afghanistan from instability,” Muttaqi said in a translation of a speech at an event in Qatar.

On the eve of the talks, EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell said that the European Union is seeking to increase its direct assistance to the Afghan people to prevent a “collapse.”

“We can’t ‘wait and see.’ We must act and act quickly,” Borrell said after discussions with EU development ministers.