For them, in particular, the restrictions on work are suspended.

Washington has announced exemptions for Ukrainian citizens who are in the United States on an F-1 student visa. According to the notification received on Monday in the electronic database of the Federal Register (collection of documents of the American government), for them, in particular, the restrictions on work are suspended.

“The Secretary of Homeland Security [USA] suspends certain regulatory requirements for students <…> who are citizens of Ukraine <…> who are experiencing serious economic difficulties due to the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine. <…> Students will be able to request a work permit, work more hours [than provided for by the F-1 visa] <…>, as well as to reduce the educational load,” the document says. These exemptions will be valid until October 19, 2023. In addition, on Monday, an official notification was published in the Federal Register on granting the status of “temporarily protected persons” to Ukrainians in the United States. It implies the issuance of a work permit and a temporary residence permit to citizens of a particular state, protecting them from deportation. The U.S. authorities announced the assignment of the corresponding status to Ukrainians in March; this measure will also be in effect until October next year. As noted in the document posted in the Federal Register, according to the estimates of the American authorities, about 60 thousand Ukrainian citizens currently in the United States may have the right to receive the status of “temporarily protected persons.”