The Federal Aviation Administration’s investigation into the company has been closed, Bloomberg notes.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) The United States said it had not identified problems related to the safety of flight of rockets of the private aerospace company Blue Origin. This is stated in the department’s statement available to Bloomberg.

According to him, the investigation was closed after “no specific security problems were found.”

The Wall Street Journal newspaper reported on October 1 that the U.S. authorities are studying the degree of security in the Blue Origin company of billionaire Jeff Bezos. The article said that the FAA received a complaint about the quality of the missiles produced by the company. The letter of complaint was signed by more than 20 former and current Blue Origin employees. In their opinion, the company’s management put the speed of development and assembly of missiles above their characteristics affecting flight safety.

Representatives of Blue Origin assured at the same time that the company fully adheres to its standards in ensuring security.