Pilots and crews of Russian aircraft face detention if they violate U.S. airspace, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

“The operated aircraft specified in the instructions, which do not obey it, can be intercepted, their pilots and other crew members detained and interrogated by law enforcement agencies or security personnel,” the report says.

An exception will be made for aircraft participating in humanitarian operations approved by the aviation authorities, as well as for those following with diplomatic purposes. But for this you will need to get the appropriate permission from the Ministry of Transport.

On the eve of the United States, following the European Union, Canada and some other countries, closed their airspace to Russian carriers. This measure is part of a package of sanctions that the West is imposing against Russia after President Vladimir Putin signed decrees on February 21 recognizing the sovereignty of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics and on February 24 announced the start of a special operation in the Donbass.

In response, Moscow banned airlines from these countries from flying over its territory.