Restrictions have also been imposed on two Lebanese entrepreneurs.

The US authorities are imposing sanctions on a member of the Lebanese parliament, as well as two Lebanese entrepreneurs. This is reported in a press release issued on Thursday by the American Ministry of Finance.

“Today, the Ministry of Finance <…> added two Lebanese businessmen and a member of parliament to the sanctions list,” the report says. According to Washington, businessmen Jihad Al-Arab and Dany Khoury, and Deputy Jamil Al-Sayyed through their “actions, contributed to the undermining of good governance and the rule of law in Lebanon.”

“These individuals profited from widespread corruption and nepotism (granting privileges to relatives and friends) in Lebanon, enriching themselves at the expense of the Lebanese people and state institutions,” the press release states.

Getting on the sanctions list means freezing assets in the United States and banning American citizens or companies from doing business with its defendants.