According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Washington will also “continue to put pressure on oil companies.”

The United States will continue to convince OPEC and oil companies to ensure that supply and demand match in the oil markets, while the White House will not announce any steps to release some oil from strategic reserves to lower energy prices. This was stated at a briefing for journalists by the press secretary of the American president Jen Psaki.

She was asked whether the United States is not abandoning attempts to convince OPEC to take measures to meet the demand for oil on world markets, given reports that the United States, in coordination with other countries, may soon sell a share of oil from its strategic reserves. “Of course, regardless of anything, we will continue to put pressure on OPEC in order to make the supply match the demand,” Psaki replied.

At the same time, she stressed that she could not yet announce any plans to sell oil from reserves. “I will not get ahead of any process. I have nothing to announce to you in advance on this topic,” the press secretary of the American president said.

“And we will continue to put pressure on oil companies that have made record profits and are behind what we believe is price gouging,” the White House spokeswoman added.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that U.S. President Joe Biden may make a statement on November 23 about the release of some oil from strategic reserves to reduce energy prices. According to the agency, similar statements are expected from a number of other countries. Prior to that, Reuters reported that the Biden administration had asked the leadership of the Republic of Korea, China, India, and Japan to explore the possibility of selling part of the oil from their strategic reserves.