The amount includes almost $14 billion to help Kyiv.

The House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress adopted a $1.5 trillion government funding package for the current fiscal year (started in October last year). The voting was broadcast on the website of the lower house of the legislature.

The package adopted by the Congressmen also includes humanitarian, military and economic assistance to Ukraine in the amount of almost $14 billion.

Now the package must be approved by the Senate of Congress, after which it will be sent to the table of U.S. President Joe Biden. The White House announced on Wednesday that the American leader will sign this initiative.

Earlier, representatives of both chambers of the legislature agreed on a funding package after many months of consultations, due to which it was necessary to take initiatives on temporary financing of the federal government, the latter extended it until March 11. The adopted package will extend this period until September 30.

The funding approved by the congressmen includes the allocation of about $780 billion for defense needs and about $730 billion for spending in other areas.

The package was adopted in two stages. First, the congressmen considered its defense part. It was supported by 361 legislators, 69 voted against. At the second stage, the part of the package concerning non-defense expenses was considered. It was supported by 260 congressmen, 171 legislators voted against.