At the same time, a similar request from his wife Heather Morgan was granted.

The District of Columbia court refused to release on bail Russian Ilya Lichtenstein, accused of stealing about $ 4.5 billion in a cyberattack on the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange in 2016, a similar petition of his wife Heather Morgan was granted. This was stated by Judge Beryl Howell at the meeting, which was held by phone.

“The court found that the circumstances <…> speak in favor of finding the defendant Liechtenstein in custody,” she said. According to Howell, the prosecutor’s office provided sufficient evidence that “there are no conditions or a combination of conditions that would guarantee that the defendant Liechtenstein will appear before the court.”

According to the judge, “as for the defendant Morgan, she will be released.” She had previously been charged with the same charges as her spouse. Howell explained that the conditions of Morgan’s release will be determined by the laws of the state of New York, where she was detained. In particular, we are talking about house arrest and wearing a special bracelet that allows you to track a person’s movements.

The electronic database of the Court of the District of Columbia after the meeting received a notification that the amount of bail that Morgan must pay to be released before trial is set at $3 million. “The defendant <…> Morgan will remain in custody until he pays $3 million bail. The defendant Ilya Lichtenstein will remain in custody until trial without the possibility of paying bail,” the document says.

Lichtenstein moved to the USA with his parents in 1994 and has been living there ever since. He has dual citizenship – Russia and the United States, his wife is a citizen of the United States. Both were detained in New York last week. The court later ordered Lichtenstein and Morgan to be transported from New York to Washington for further proceedings in their case.