The Court of Appeal gave the ex-president 14 days to appeal to the Supreme Court with a request to reconsider this decision.

The Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia rejected the request of former U.S. President Donald Trump to block the disclosure of archival documents as part of the investigation into the storming of the U.S. Congress on January 6. This is stated in the published ruling of the court.

The three judges considering the case unanimously rejected the arguments of the lawyers of the former American leader, according to whom, he could use the right to prohibit the current administration from handing over to American lawmakers documents related to the investigation of the storming of the Capitol. “In the records submitted by us, former President Trump did not provide any grounds for this court to overturn President Biden’s decision, as well as the agreement and agreements reached between the branches of government regarding the documents [about the storming of the Capitol],” Judge Patricia Millett noted. “Both branches of government agree that there is a unique need for legislation in these documents and that they are directly relevant to the [Congressional] committee’s investigation of the attack on the legislative branch and its constitutional role in the peaceful transfer of power.”

The Appeals court gave Trump 14 days to ask the Supreme Court to reconsider this decision before the National Archives can begin transferring documents to congressmen.

Last month, the federal court of the capital district rejected a similar request from the ex-president. A request for disclosure of documents related to the actions of Trump and his aides in connection with the events of January 6 and at the disposal of the U.S. National Archives was previously sent by a special committee of the lower house of Congress, which is investigating the case of the storming of the Capitol.