The States are exploring options for responding to the expulsion.

The U.S. Embassy in Russia told that the deputy American ambassador to Moscow, Bart Gorman, was expelled from Russia.

“We can confirm that Russia has expelled the deputy head of the U.S. diplomatic mission, Bart Gorman, who was the second person of the embassy and one of the key employees of his team,” the embassy said on Thursday.

The embassy stressed that they consider the expulsion of American diplomats unjustified. “Now more than ever, it is important that our countries have sufficient personnel in their diplomatic missions to facilitate dialogue and contacts between our governments. We note that Russia’s actions have led to the fact that at the moment the number of the American mission in Russia is significantly less than the Russian one in the United States. Our goal is to achieve greater parity in the work of our missions,” the embassy said.

They also said that the United States is studying possible options for Russia’s response in connection with Gorman’s expulsion. “The deputy Russian ambassador recently left as part of a rotation, as his business trip ended in January. Russia’s actions against the U.S. deputy ambassador were unjustified, and we consider this step as an escalation in relations and are studying possible options for a response,” the U.S. diplomatic mission noted.

The embassy also claims that Gorman, who was expelled from the Russian Federation, stayed in Russia for less than three years. “The term of work of Deputy Ambassador Gorman has not yet been completed: he still had a valid visa, and he stayed in Russia for less than three years,” the mission said.

They claim that the U.S. demands to Russian diplomats to leave the country if their visas expire are sent five months in advance, while the Russian side, according to the representative of the embassy, gives two weeks to diplomats with valid visas to leave the country.