In exchange, Islamabad asks for support in the fight against terrorists and assistance in building relations with India.

The administration of U.S. President Joe Biden expects to reach an agreement soon on the use of Pakistan’s airspace for military and intelligence operations in Afghanistan. This was reported by CNN, citing sources.

According to them, the relevant plans were shared by representatives of the administration on Friday at a closed meeting with American lawmakers. CNN sources note that the Pakistani authorities insist on concluding a memorandum of understanding with the United States, based on which Washington, in exchange for access to airspace, would support the Pakistani leadership in the fight against terrorists and help build relations with India. The TV company emphasizes that negotiations are ongoing and the terms of the deal may change.

CNN notes that now the American armed Forces use the airspace of Pakistan to conduct surveillance on the territory of neighboring Afghanistan. However, the absence of a formal agreement may lead to the fact that the Pakistani authorities will stop this practice. The press services of the Pentagon and the Department of State have not yet responded to a request to comment on the information from CNN sources.

Earlier, the TV company reported that 363 more U.S. citizens remain in Afghanistan, of which 176 expect to be evacuated. CNN emphasizes that in this regard, access to the airspace of Pakistan is of great importance for the American leadership.