From November 8, foreign citizens will be admitted to the United States only if they provide a vaccination certificate.

The administration of President Joe Biden on Monday provided additional information on the implementation of a new international air travel policy, according to which only foreign citizens who have completed a full course of vaccination against COVID-19 are allowed to the United States.

From November 8, all foreigners traveling to the United States with nonimmigrant visas will have to present a vaccination certificate before boarding the plane. Unvaccinated travelers – U.S. citizens, holders of a residence permit, and a few foreign citizens who have the right to enter the country without vaccination – will now have to be tested for coronavirus within a day before departure.

As previously announced, from November 8, fully vaccinated foreign citizens will also be able to cross the northern and southwestern land borders without a good reason, including for tourist purposes.

In accordance with the decision of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, travelers vaccinated with vaccines approved by the FDA or the World Health Organization will be allowed in the United States.

The new vaccination requirements do not apply to children under 18, but children aged 2 to 17 will need to be tested before departure.

The list of exceptions also includes participants in clinical trials of some COVID-19 vaccines; people who are contraindicated for vaccination for medical reasons; people coming to the United States for emergency or humanitarian reasons, and travelers with non-tourist visas from countries where access to vaccines is limited.

A contact tracking system is also being implemented, which will allow identifying travelers who may have contracted the virus or have been in contact with the sick.