The parties are at the final stage of agreeing on this decision.

The U.S. authorities intend to partially remove duties on steel imports from Japan, which were introduced in 2018. This was reported on Saturday by the Kyodo news agency.

According to his sources, the parties are at the final stage of agreeing on this decision. Nevertheless, the size of the quota for duty-free deliveries has not yet been determined, and consultations on this matter are continuing. In addition, representatives of Japan and the United States are also discussing policies regarding aluminum duties.

In 2018, then U.S. President Donald Trump signed orders on the introduction of customs duties on imports of steel and aluminum products – 25% for steel and 10% for aluminum. This provoked sharp criticism from the international community, including Japan, and since then Tokyo has been urgently trying to get Washington to exempt it from the relevant duties.

At the same time, last year the parties agreed to establish a Japanese-American commercial-industrial partnership, the work of which will be aimed at increasing the industrial competitiveness of both states, strengthening supply chains and jointly confronting global challenges such as global warming.