Washington has already supplied Kyiv with a third of its reserves of Javelin anti-tank complexes.

The United States, providing military assistance to Ukraine, risks losing a significant part of its own weapons stocks, while not being able to quickly increase production. This assessment was made by Bloomberg analyst Hal Brands.

According to him, the United States acts as an “arsenal of democracy” in the situation around Ukraine, avoiding direct participation in the conflict. But over time, this “arsenal may be depleted,” the author noted.

“The United States has already delivered [to Ukraine] a third of its Javelin anti-tank systems,” Brands pointed out, noting that Ukrainian troops also lack aviation and ammunition. By increasing supplies, Washington would “significantly exhaust the stocks in its warehouses,” and increasing production “would take months or years.” The “shortage of machine tools, skilled labor and production capacities” affects, the author stated.

“This threatens the Ukrainian military with a fatal shortage of [weapons] in this conflict and shows the weakness of the United States, which would be revealed at the next clash of major powers,” Brands believes. In the event of a “conflict with Russia or China,” according to the author, the United States would have spent its own reserves “within a few days or weeks.” Western countries, therefore, are faced with a choice “to increase supplies to Ukraine or to conserve limited reserves that may be useful to them for their own defense,” Brands stated.