According to sources of The Washington Post, the founder and largest shareholder of the USM holding Alisher Usmanov may be included in the sanctions list.

The United States Administration is considering the introduction of new financial restrictions against the Russian Federation due to the operation in Ukraine, which may affect large Russian businessmen. This was reported by The Washington Post on Wednesday, citing unnamed persons.

Among the new measures, the interlocutors of the newspaper indicate the confiscation of entrepreneurs’ transport, such as yachts and personal planes. The aim is to put pressure on Moscow in the light of the situation around Ukraine. At the same time, new restrictions may include travel restrictions for businessmen, as well as the seizure of their foreign assets.

According to the Washington Post, the sanctions list may include, in particular, the founder and largest shareholder of the USM holding, Alisher Usmanov, against whom the European Union has already imposed sanctions on February 28. His name had previously appeared in a bill prepared by Republicans in the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress, which provided for the imposition of sanctions against a number of Russian individuals and legal entities.

According to the newspaper, the U.S. sanctions will be more comprehensive than those already imposed by the EU, and will be aimed not only at Russian entrepreneurs, but also at their family members. The companies they own may also be subject to restrictions.