The White House condemned the “callous exploitation and coercion of vulnerable people” by the Lukashenka regime.

The United States is preparing “further sanctions” designed to hold the leaders of Belarus accountable for “ongoing attacks on democracy, human rights and international norms,” a representative of the National Security Council at the White House said.

The statement was broadcast by CNN.

“We are deeply concerned about the inhumane actions of the Lukashenka regime and strongly condemn their callous exploitation and coercion of vulnerable people,” the representative of the council said, according to the TV channel.

The new sanctions will be imposed in “close coordination with the EU and other partners and allies,” the representative added, according to the TV channel.

The official did not specify when they could be introduced.

The United States, the EU, and NATO accuse the Lukashenka regime of creating a migrant crisis on the eastern border of the European Union in order to destabilize the bloc in retaliation for sanctions for human rights violations.

In August, the White House announced a large-scale decree directed against representatives of the Belarusian regime involved in human rights violations and suppression of democracy in Belarus.