Western media deliberately build an unflattering image of Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to cover up the mistakes of their own politicians, writes political analyst Anatol Lieven in The Nation magazine.

The author of the article compared Putin’s policy with the qualities attributed to him in the American and European media and came to the conclusion that this image consists of mutually exclusive features that are impossible in reality.

“The “Put’n” monster in the Western imagination is extremely cynical and interested only in its own power and profit, but at the same time is ready to take a colossal personal risk in order to expand the power of its power. It rules a country that is supposedly a miserable impoverished ruin and at the same time is a mortal threat to some of the richest and most powerful countries on earth,” Lieven listed.

He stressed that the real Vladimir Putin has actually proved his caution and poise on the world stage. “He has never taken an international action that would actually threaten war with the West or defeat Russia at the regional level. And this should give us confidence that we will be able to get out of the current crisis without a catastrophe,” Lieven said.

The political scientist called the Russian leader’s desire to protect his country’s borders from NATO a vital interest that is shared by both the establishment and a significant part of the population. In addition, Lieven recalled that the States hold similar views regarding their own “zone of influence.”

“For Russia (as for the United States), this implies excluding the presence of any hostile military alliances in the immediate vicinity of their country and preserving an important voice in European security,” he writes.

The expert noted that during the Ukrainian crisis, Russia, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, achieved primarily diplomatic successes, expressing claims about security guarantees that have accumulated since the 90s. In particular, he highly appreciated the restoration of diplomatic dialogue between Moscow and Washington and the return to active action in the “Normandy format.” The political scientist pointed out that it is the Ukrainian side that does not comply with the “Minsk Agreements” and does not go to grant expanded autonomy to Donbas, and the West is in no hurry to influence Ukrainian partners.

“Now only the mythological “Put’n” would go to Kyiv and central Ukraine, not to mention an attack on Poland or the Baltic States. These ridiculous Western fantasies are generated partly by real paranoia, partly by representatives of American and European politicians who need to demonize Russia to cover up their own horrific mistakes and lies of the last 30 years, and partly by calculations to allow NATO, this chorus of comic warriors to demonstrate their heroic resistance to a threat that does not really exist,” Lieven summed up.