The first two migrants were sent to Mexico.

The United States, which restored the program adopted during the presidency of Donald Trump, sent the first two asylum seekers to Mexico. The program provides that foreigners seeking asylum in the United States are required to wait for an immigration court decision while in Mexico.

Last week, the United States and Mexico agreed to resume the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), two migrants have returned to Mexico. One of the migrants, who identified himself as Eric Manzanares from Nicaragua, said he was upset, but thanked God that he was alive and hoped for a happy outcome of his case.

After crossing the Mexican border, both migrants passed tests for COVID-19 and were sent to a shelter approved by the U.S. and Mexican authorities.

IOM issued a statement calling for the termination of the “Protocols for the Protection of Migrants”, calling the program “inhumane and contrary to international law.”

A representative of the U.S. Border and Customs Service said that, according to the court’s decision, the program began to be implemented at one of the border crossing sites and that the details were not disclosed in the interests of security.

Earlier, migrants were deported to Mexico at seven border crossing points.

U.S. President Joe Biden canceled this program in January 2021, but it was restored by a court decision.